ChristyOn any given day, if you spotted a woman wearing high heels swiftly dunking her head into a huge vat of ketchup, you’d probably categorize her as downright nuts.

But, if it happens during the National Hamburger Festival in Akron, you’d call her a “champion” and would be vigorously cheering her on.

Such is the case with Christy Sinko, the six-time champion of the Bobbing for Burgers contest at the National Hamburger Festival, which happens at Lock 3 Park in Akron Aug. 8-9.

Bobbing for Burgers, as you might imagine, is a lot like the perennial favorite “bobbing for apples” – but with some significant modifications.

The highly competitive contest features contestants who dunk their goggle-adorned heads into kiddie pools filled with copious amounts of ketchup. The goal? Obtain as many foam hamburgers hidden in the ketchup with only the use of their mouths.

And, things get messy. Real messy.

So, how does a schoolteacher from the Akron area get involved in such a feat?

“The year before I started competing, I caught the news and it was about the National Hamburger Festival. I saw all this fun stuff happening at the festival. So, I told my husband, ‘We totally have to go next year,’” Sinko explains. “I’m one of those people that believes life is set of experiences. You have decisions in your life and those decisions make you who you are. It looked a blast, so I signed up the next year.”

Ask her about her strategy to winning and she’ll suddenly start talking about shoes.

“I wear high-heeled sandals when I compete. Even though I’m 5’7”, which is not short by most standards, compared to other competitors, I’m a shrimp,” Sinko says. “The baby pools are set on top of tables. So, I need to be able to reach across the opposite side to reach the burgers at the far end. The three inches from my heels helps a lot.”

The 2015 Bobbing for Burgers competition happens during the 10th Annual National Hamburger Festival on Saturday, Aug. 8 at 3:30pm. For more information and to sign-up to participate, visit

As for Christy, she’ll be competing again this year. But, will 2015 be her seventh winning year? That’s anyone’s guess.

“I’m a little worried this year. I have a five-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep so well, so it’ll be challenging – that’s for sure.”