Take a Burger Break…

This fun and quirky festival isn’t just about noshing on America’s favorite sandwich — it’s about celebrating it!

  • Competitive Hamburger Eating Competitions
    What would a food festival be without some competitive eating? The Ohio Hamburger Eating Championship features eight local eaters competing to consume the most one-pound burgers in just 10 minutes. The Akron Fire Department gets in on the action on Sunday, with new recruits competing in an eating contest, as well.
  • Bobbing for Burgers
    Take a break from the noshing to watch as goggle-adorned enthusiasts go Bobbing for Burgers, in which they dive head-first into a kiddy pool filled with ketchup to fish for burger patties.
  • Baby Burger Contest
    And, for the little ones, our Baby Burger Contest is a pint-size competition for children ages 2-5 .