NationalHamburgerDayHappy National Hamburger Day (May 28)! Exciting, right?! This weekend, kick back and celebrate the glory that is the burger. Here are five ways to celebrate:




5. Wear Your Burger Gear

This exists.

This exists.

What’s that? You don’t have a burger t-shirt? How about a burger comforter? No? Time to get shopping, my friend.






4. Take a History Lesson

So, why is the National Hamburger Festival held in Akron, Ohio? Do a little light reading and learn a bit more about the festival’s Akron-based history. Or, get some opposing viewpoints here and here.


3. Bob for Burgers

ChristyBobbing for Burgers is big competition at the National Hamburger Festival. And, if you think you’re up for the challenge of beating our reigning champ Christy Sinko, you’d best get practicing. All you have to do is fill a baby pool with about 10 gallons of ketchup, mix in some foam hamburgers toys and go to town. Better yet, challenge your neighbors and friends. They won’t think you’re weird or anything.


2. Grill Some Burgers…DUH!

Ah, yes. Nothing like taking a bite of a thick, juicy burger to make the holiday weekend complete, amirite?


1. Remember the Fallen

MemorialDayFlagsWhile we jest about burgers, this weekend is truly about honoring the brave U.S. soldiers who died in the line of duty. We want to encourage everyone to honor these fallen soldiers by supporting today’s veterans. Consider a small donation to one of many veteran services organizations like AMVETS, Hope for the Warriors and Homes for Troops.